Proof of Work #57

Hi from Boston! The MIT Bitcoin Expo is a student-run conference put on by the MIT Bitcoin Club, and is one of the few conferences I go to every year. I’ve got a free ticket to give away to a PoW reader. Whoever first responds to this tweet with “PoW” gets it! Malformed transactions will not be accepted.

Some housekeeping: I fixed the weird DNS bug that killed so you can now go there and fill out a simple form to simultaneously apply for a job at all the projects in PoW plus some other cool ones like Shapeshift, Coinbase etc. This tool will be getting way better over the next month, but when it died a surprising number of people yelled at me, so apparently it’s getting used now too!

I’m in the process of writing up a few long form pieces but nothing’s ready for this issue—in the meantime, I’ve found this ongoing series about the weird arb opportunities between different Tether clones to be really interesting.

If you are coming to the MIT Bitcoin expo this weekend, please hit me up on Twitter or just say hi at the conf! Would love to meet any readers there.

Bitcoin & Friends

Jimmy on Bitcoin

James from Summa

  • This week we released riemann-keys, a simple HD wallet library in Python.

  • Our Bitcoin light client, riemann-zeta, is getting a major upgrade to support transaction history

  • light client + keys + tx building = multi-chain wallet :)

Tony from Kadena

  • We're adding more functionality to our Pact smart contract language for interoperability. On track for Testnet launch of Kadena's public blockchain, Chainweb, at the end of March 2019.

  • Merged support for multiple key curves in a single transaction, including Ethereum ECDSA address formats, which opens the path to ERC-20 interop and ledger transfer to FungibleAsset tokens on Chainweb.

  • Merged programmable governance for customizable security primitives that allows module governance to be determined by code, and not just keysets. This allows for different participants to have varying levels of access in multiple signature scenarios.

  • Monica Quaintance gave a presentation on Chainweb and smart contracts at LedgerFest hosted by Blockchain @ Columbia.

  • Marie Leaf spoke about smart contract security and scalability at DeveloperWeek Bay Area.

Aviv from Spacemesh

JZ from Decred

  • Some good news for iPhone users, dcrios is now on TestFlightBug reports are welcome. Over the coming weeks it should approach parity with dcrandroid in terms of stability.

  • new issue of Politeia Digest was released covering the most recent proposals, we're also super happy to announce that the stakeholders approved marketing and events budgets for the remainder of 2019. Dev budgets will be following shortly along with a proposal for converting Decred into a full DAO.

  • Our inaugural meet up for the Decred community in San Francisco will be taking place on March 6th. Decred dev Luke Powell will be presenting along with Chris Burniske and Alex Evans from Placeholder.

  • There will also be another special event on March 12th held at the OKCoin HQin SF featuring our project lead Jake Yocom-Piatt along with Chris Burniske (that guy is everywhere) called "The Next 10 Years: Crypto Boom, Bust, or Buidl?"

Johnny from Stellar

  • General: Fee Stats were launched in Horizon; it's necessary for handling Surge Pricing by any implementation that submits transactions.

  • Core: Getting closer to 10.3.0, ETA for snapshot (and testnet) is Mar-04, with a release planned Mar-14. Our focus will be on how we write to the ledger, with a 10x speedup on our low-end machines to join the network (from 100 minutes to 10 minutes).

  • Core: Next up is shifting to 11.0.0, with a focus on protocol changes (CAP-0005, CAP-0006, limits, etc.).

  • Horizon: Released Horizon 0.17.3, changelog: failed transactions, tools for surge pricing. Horizon Go SDK is being actively redesigned.

  • Kelp: Improvements mentioned by partners in the ecosystem.

Izaak from Coda

  • Snarky has a beautiful new monad-free interface thanks to Matt. Check out an example here (in ReasonML syntax).

  • Avery has started the initial work on our desktop wallet.

  • Rebekah implemented this map described in this paper from a field into an elliptic curve defined over that field. It's an essential component for an efficient group-valued random oracle, which is needed to instantiate Bowe and Gabizon's SNARK.

  • There were many robustness improvements to our implementation of Ouroboros Praos, including an amazing sequence of bug fixes by Corey.

Privacy coins

Paige & Zooko from Zcash

  • Progress implementing Sprout -> Sapling migration tool

  • New ZIP draft for prohibiting negative shielded value pool [ed: this would make it impossible if someone had indeed exploited the previous bug to inflate the old shielded pool for them to actually move more coins than should exist into the transparent pool]

  • Documentation and internal testing on lightwallet Android reference app

  • Full update:

Diego and Riccardo from Monero

  • Working on figuring out the right person to get updates from!

Daniel from Grin

Beni from Beam

Smart contracting platforms

Evan from Ethereum

Erik from NEAR

  • NEAR is working on getting a multi-node AlphaNet shipped.

  • 23 PRs in nearcore from 12 different authors

  • AlphaNet (fully operational blockchain w/ fixed validator set, showing @ ETH Paris):

    • Stabilized mempool and transaction gossiping;

    • Nightshade consensus is now integrated with network, mempool, and the rest of the infrastructure;

    • AlphaNet is producing blocks;

  • DevNet (a single node blockchain for development purposes):

    • Improved debug logging of the internal state;

    • Improved ease of use for local development;

AJ from Tezos

Topper from Quorum Control

Michael from Loom

  • More than 6% of the total circulating supply (and $2M+ in total value) was staked on PlasmaChain after its first week!

  • Added Ledger support on the PlasmaChain Dashboard. Note: the most recent Chrome update from broke Ledger, so those users are advised to downgrade to an older version of Chrome or wait for an upcoming fix from Ledger.

  • The second CryptoWars tournament has started with $3,750 worth of prizes for winners. Go play!

Myles from EOS

Zaki from Cosmos

Kate and Dean from Agoric

  • Mark Miller gave a presentation to TC53, the standards committee for JavaScript applications on wearable devices/IoT, on SES and Jessie.  Peter Hoddie of Moddable described it as an “amazing talk about a future where JavaScript code from multiple parties securely co-exists, where program logic is exchanged as easily as JSON data, and standard JavaScript works even better on constrained devices.”

  • Metamask presented their browserify plugin, sesify, at our weekly meeting on SES. Recording here.

  • We’ve been working on making our utility libraries usable as CommonJS modules, ES6 modules, and UMD files, so that they can easily be used in Node.js, the browser, and bundlers.

Financial Infrastructure

Antonio from dYdX

  • Heads down building towards our next product release. Stay tuned for additional info in a few weeks!

  • Undergoing an audit of our new smart contracts with Open Zeppelin

  • Hiring engineers and designers full-time in SF

Brendan from Dharma

  • Prepped Dharma Lever for a feature launch coming on Wednesday. #DeFi lovers will rejoice

  • Dharma Lever saw strong growth in weekly volume across both borrowing (>100k USD, ~100% WoW growth) and lending (>150k USD, ~95% WoW growth). Borrow volume split was ~75% ETH, 25% USDC

  • Our team is growing! We recently hit 10 people, and now we're hiring for a front-end engineer and a full-stack engineer. Check out our open roles at:

Coulter from MakerDAO

  • Our recap of ETHDenver went live, featuring some drama, crime, and a whole lot of charitable giving.

  • For any developers looking to build on Maker, we've released a resource blog to help guide you.

  • If you're interested in how the Maker governance process works, we would suggest joining our weekly Governance calls on Thursdays, or the new r/mkrgov subreddit. Recently, a lot has been happening on them, including the discussions about raising the stability fee. 

Lazar from MARKET Protocol

  • MPX nearly fully set up and back to parity with our pre-0x December release

  • Reintegrated 0x order watcher, now begins observing valid orders on startup

  • The MPX UI and dashboard look amazing, we can’t wait to show this off

  • Authentication via ETH address is in place

  • Added ‘settled’ filter to GET API endpoint

  • Added tokens whitelist API endpoint

Robert from Compound

  • Began audit with Trail of Bits for protocol extension

Layer two and interoperability

Tieshun from Namebase

  • Nothing public this week

Paul from Veil

  • Listed new scalar markets on Binance Coin (BNB) and Maker (MKR). You can now take 5x leveraged long or short positions on either asset.

  • Updated the orders table to let users filter by order status (open, canceled, or filled).

  • Listed markets for the Cosmos community, including when the Cosmos mainnet hub will launch and what the price of $ATOM will be post-launch.

  • Added a clearer order confirmation message to the default market UI.

  • Added Augur market ID to market and feed pages for easy access by users and reporters.

Rahul from 0x

Tony from Liquidity.Network

  • Rolled out a hub with passive delivery on Rinkeby

  • The nocust-client JavaScript library 1.0 is out and available to developers to use at

  • Liquidity network had an AMA with Unitimes

Dong Mo from Celer

  • We've finished the design review of the CelerX platform plan and the API flows.

  • Deployed a multi-server scalable OSP configuration and a new OSP protocol working end-to-end on the multi-server OSP. 

  • Designed a more efficient on-chain dispute process. 

  • On our mobile side, we finished the referral flow and game matching engine client API testing. 

  • We fixed bugs and improved stability for CelerX.

Alexandra from Parity Technologies

Application infrastructure

Wes from Theta

  • iOS/Android Theta wallet polishing

  • New version of Theta explorer released

  • Streamer reward auto-split testing and fixes

  • Blockchain snapshot with stake deposits/withdrawals

  • Blockchain state-trie auto-pruning improvement

Doug from Livepeer

  • This week was heavily focused on research, with meaningful progress made on three open research areas for Streamflow: Probabilistic Micropayments double-spend security, GPU transcoding verification, and efficient node selection/negotiation algorithms. Follow along with progress in the research repository.

  • The network expansion successfully rolled out with 10 additional transcoder nodes, including two governance focused nodes campaigning DAO style tools for node operations, and one infrastructure focused node.

Ryan from FOAM

David from Sia

  • R


Ari from Decentraland

  • No update this week

Bowen from Hydro/

  • Hydro Starter Kit in progress ETA Q2 2019 - Empower developers to build (Order book) DEX with matching engine (No front-running, No order collision). 

  • DDEX Mobile design 2.0 - Support MutiChain wallet and simplify mobile user experience 

  • Internal beta testing HydroScan - Visualization tool developer to see on-chain transaction, volume, DAU through Hydro Protocol 

Sam from OpenBazaar

  • release candidate for the 2.3.1 update was published and is undergoing testing. 2.3.1 includes a significant IPFS rebase and the ability to update accepted coins on listings in bulk.

  • Work continues on the new web client, the current focus is on creating and authenticating a peerID in the browser.

Martín from Zeppelin